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Whispers from an Ancient Land

Emotive images for a transcendent generation!

Motivational posters and prints are 'ten a penny' (as we say here in the UK) on the internet these days. All clamoring for attention with strong words and loud images. Rather like being in the heart of the city on a busy afternoon.

The Whispers series is intended to fulfil an entirely different role. This emotive artwork breathes subtlety and sensitivity. A few years ago I wrote this poem:


Subtle Interplay

I came here to whisper, not to shout.
This cannot be understood
In a shouting world -
But amongst whisperers only

The subtle interplay of sound
Is quietly heard between
Silence and its counterpoint -
Otherwise dinosaurs would still rule

The subtle interplay of light
Is likewise only seen
Amongst self-illumined reflections -
Quietly exchanging glances

Whispers from an Ancient Land is a series of emotive giclee prints revolving around the concept of transcendence. It speaks directly to the soul. Rather than to any concept of the clinging mind, attempting to satisfy its cravings for relevance. I have created it especially for the generation of people who have moved beyond the surface noise. Moved into a world of connectivity, grace and ease. These works offer a connectivity to that realm of 'otherness', the kingdom that is always present. The certain reality waiting just below the surface noise, whispering in the ancient language of the heart: Welcome child, welcome home.   

Although not part of a limited edition, I will be treating each order for one these images as special. Therefore each print will be hand-signed with my usual painting signature -  as well as my unique personal creative smiley! (Say if you don't want this). I am also willing to hand-write anything else that you may feel appropriate. For paper giclees, these inscriptions would be in pencil just below the print, on the white paper surround. For canvas giclees, it would be on the reverse of the canvas. At the checkout there is a box for special instructions. 


I shall be adding to this collection regularly, so please check back from time to time. I'm also open to your ideas for  future prints. 

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