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Easy Instalment Plan and Rollover Club FAQ page

Here are a few things you might be wondering about my new art buyers' Easy Instalment Plan and Rollover Club:

1) How long can I spread my payments over?

You can spread them up to a full 12 months. For example, you pay a deposit and set up an agreement in September. Your first payment can be as late as the 1st of November and the final payment on the 1st October the following year.  You can decide to take less time to pay, if you wish.

2) What's the minimum deposit I can pay to get my original artwork?

£100 is the minimum I take as a deposit. Deals over £1,000 will need 10% of the full price. For example, you decide to buy a pair of watercolours at £1,600 for the two. You would need to pay a £160 deposit, then pay the remaining £1,440 over the agreed period. (If spread over 12 months, that would work out at £120 per month.)  

3) What if I live somewhere other than UK mainland?

No problem! You will need to pay something toward the carriage cost. It wouldn't be the full cost, but I would charge you the difference between what it actually cost me and what I would have paid for UK mainland delivery. So you still get the benefit of a concessionary rate. 

4) Are there any hidden costs involved?

No, there are no hidden charges. I will give you the price of the piece(s) (including any additional carriage if not on UK mainland). This is the full amount you will pay. The payment schedule terms will then be signed by the two of us. 

5) Will I always have to pay the full gallery price if I'm paying on instalments?

Not necessarily. Sometimes I will be making you discounted offers, (usually for a limited time), on certain pieces exclusive to Rollover Club members. Also, if any piece is shown at a sale price on the website, you will pay only the price shown. ON SALE offers are usually time sensitive too. 

5) What happens if I'm not happy with the artwork I receive?

No worries. You have my full 30-day Guarantee. So if you still feel the same after a couple of weeks, feel free to return it for a refund or replacement. 

6) Will I have to pay the return carriage myself if I need to return a piece?

If you live in the UK mainland area, you will not need to pay any return cost. I will have it collected. You will need to pack it securely - preferably with the original packaging. If you live outside that area, then you will need to pay the return cost and I will reimburse the difference between what you paid and the UK mainland charge I would have paid. If the piece was delivered damaged to you or you feel it's not in satisfactory condition, then I would happily pay the full return charge.

7) When would I be able to acquire another piece of art, reschedule payments and extend the budget period?

Once you have passed the halfway mark you can at any time take on another piece (or pieces) - extending your payment schedule for up to a further 12 months. We would draw up a new agreement, rolling your outstanding balance into the new contract. For example, say you were to purchase a pair of oil paintings for £1,200 in January '22. You pay £120 deposit and schedule £1,080 over 12 months, beginning in March. (That would be £90 per month - ending February '23.). In August '22 you decide you'd like to add a watercolour at £500. As you've now paid off £660 (with £540 left to pay), we would set up a new schedule beginning in October '22 and ending in September '23 (£540 + £500 = £1,040) over 12 months - approx. £87 per month. In other words, you carry on paying roughly the same amount per month and include the watercolour in your collection. 

8) Can I pay off what I owe at any time?

Yes, whatever your balance, you can pay off in full or in part at any time, outside of your regular schedule. Please email me to tell me though. There is no charge for paying off.

9) Do I get a discount for paying off in full or part before the scheduled time?

No, there's no discount, but you might consider doing so to enable you to add more artwork into your rollover arrangement.

10) How will I know my current position regarding my payments and balance?

I keep accurate records of all agreements, transactions and balances. Feel free to request the information at any time. However, it would be good for you to also keep your own records. In the rare instance of any dispute, we would need to verify the position with our bank statements. 

11) Who owns the artwork whilst it is still being paid for? 

As the artist, I own any pieces until paid for in full. If you have rolled over your payment schedule, you would own any piece that has been fully paid for, but not any piece with money still outstanding on it. All payments made are deemed to be offset first against the oldest of the pieces you acquire. If you acquire two or more at one time, the least expensive piece is paid off first, and becomes yours. For insurance purposes, you will need to cover any artwork in your possession.   

12) How do I go about buying artwork I've seen on the internet?

Initially, e-mail me at steve@steveslimm.com expressing your interest. You are under no obligation to purchase at this point, but I will immediately remove the piece from general availability. We will then sign an agreement, only if you are happy to proceed. You are under no obligation until signed. Even then my 30-day guarantee of full satisfaction still applies. 

13) How do I arrange to buy any piece offered through the Rollover Club?

Generally I will specify how to do this in my mailshot e-mails. The principles as stated above will generally apply the same. Any piece will be allotted on a first-come-first-served basis.  


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