Mystery art

The Real Mystery Behind Art

Is There More to Art Than Meets the Eye?

The mystery of Art lies deep in the fact that Art is essentially spiritual. Little wonder that its prime patron for centuries in Europe was the Church. Today, released from the need for support, Art can express the human spirit freely. And so it does in abundance. When confined to intellectual form, it falters. When reduced to sentimentality, it nourishes little. But when allowed free rein of expression, Art enables the spirit to soar, gently whispering: Transcendence is possible - keep looking.

Through illusion, Art accelerates the evolutionary urge to penetrate the human condition. In effect, to see through the veil of illusion to that which lies beyond. Visions of a realm just out of reach to everyday reality, the unspeakable mystery of the Life behind all life. In its maturity, this alone is what Art seeks to express – sublime transcendence of the world.

Visual Art is a huge field of endeavour, encompassing the totality of human experience, All Art is valid and has its place. Whether expressed through the figure, landscape, or abstraction, the form is of little import. It is always the essence of the work that whispers to the soul. It is this essential 'otherness' that illuminates, inspires and breathes timelessness. 


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