For Artists

For a few years I've been regularly invited to demonstrate  painting techniques, etc. to amateur art groups in Cornwall and elsewhere. I've also run several workshops a year in my studio for smaller groups of artists. You may have attended one or more of these. Everyone generally enjoyed and benefited from the sessions. However, since my partner Lyn died in August 2016, I've not wanted to continue this work, other than with the odd art group that has approached me. I'm not sure how long this will be for. I now have a new partner and am relocating to Devon. My studio near Praa Sands will continue to operate, and it's possible I might decide to run the workshops again. If so, I shall let all artists know who are on my mailing list.

If you're not on my artists' mailing list, you can see what I used to offer and  sign up here - but I can't say when I might decide to run workshops again - if ever! Sorry if this disappoints you. I know we've had some great times in the past. Whatever the case, I wish you well with your own work,

Steve 😉