Like a lot of artists, although I am known primarily for one my work in one medium - namely paint - I also work creatively in a variety of media. Any medium, for me, is only a means to an end - that end being an attempt to express the inexpressible. When I write I make the attempt with words. When making music it is with sound. When I photograph, it is with the lens of visual attention. When I make video it's with a combination of all three.


My use of each medium is a very personal experience. I hope it will likewise be for you - as a participator in my art. My work can often be spontaneous or improvisatory in nature. By this means I believe I am able to touch the essence of what lies behind thought. My experience of what lies behind thought constitutes the unspeakable that I wish to convey. It is only a glimpse into that realm - and only ever could be.

Much of my work is meditational - therefore needs to be approached mindfully. Please give it your full attention, as far as possible, without distraction.  The idea is to bring yourself into each moment - as a fully engaged participant.

What do I hope for in releasing any of this? I really hope you will be able to lose yourself in my work - and thereby discover something of yourself, which up to now you had not known to exist. I also hope you have at least some idea of what I'm talking about!


Steve 😉