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Steve Slimm Painting Commissions

From time to time clients ask me about the possibility of commissioning a piece of work - something specific. How do I feel about accepting commissions? Years ago I would have said 'No - I hate commissions!' - and that was the truth. I hated the idea of having to please someone else's expectation, what they had in mind. I'd sweat over the idea, flounder over what to charge, hesitate over showing the piece, and generally feel bad about the whole proceedings! These days, I have learned something quite different. 🙂 

I'd like to outline here how the process works with me: 

I don't really see it as a commission, but rather as a potential project. A joint venture project. There is no commissioning. There are your suggestions with regard to places and subject matter - and there is my response. There are your feelings – and there are mine. Somewhere in the mix there could be an eventual transaction. You might eventually end up with a work of art you'll treasure for life. But there's nothing certain. So no pressure from either side.

This is the only way I want to work. Such fluidity can only offer a win/win situation. So I look closely at your suggestions. I visit places if not too distant. You tell me your budget. You may tell me what kind of shape and size piece you're interested in. I tell you what my price will be for any specific size. Or we might leave it more fluid and see what shapes and sizes I come up with.

Whatever the case, I will always offer you a generous discount off my normal retail prices. I do this for one main reason - to discover exciting new timeless places of transcendence! In return all I ask initially is a small deposit, once I'm happy with the project. (Between 10% and 15% - depending on how large the project and how far I have to travel.) This helps commit us both to the agreement, as well as to offset any initial expense. The deposit is returnable should we not reach a satisfactory outcome.

I always work on at least three pieces for you – often several more. You get first choice.

The balance of payment is entirely up to you. I offer instalment terms up to twelve months – with nothing extra to pay. So the project can be nicely extended – working toward a final fulfilment on both sides of the deal. Or you can pay me the balance immediately - once you're satisfied with the piece(s).

Finally – yes there is still my 30-day money-back guarantee of full satisfaction. (You are free to ask for a full return of funds instead of another painting, if that's what you choose.) I think that about sums it up.

It goes without saying that any joint venture project I undertake would have to fit into the general feel of subject and interpretation in my work. Having said this - also feel free to push me beyond what I might have up to now accomplished.  . . but please no photo-realism!

Also feel free to indicate the overall feel you have toward colour and form, and what your requirements are regarding size/shape and framing.

How it Works

1) Email me with your idea - what you think you'd like from me. Is there a wall space to fill, and something you have in mind? Tell me what kind of size, and the rough shape you want. Be more specific if you want - or just loose. Tell me the general subject matter - it will likely be either a specific or a rough location. I say location, as landscape is my thing, as you know. ( I can do you a portrait of your pet if you like - but would either of us want to own it? 🤑). Let me know if you have a time-scale for us to work with. Maybe it's for a specific birthday or occasion? Providing the timing isn't too tight for me, I'm always willing to work with that. We can agree on it together during the initial stage. 

2) I'll give you a price once we establish a rough (or specific) size/shape. If acceptable, I shall ask you for a deposit. You may pay the balance either on completion of the commission, ready for it to be sent out - OR by instalments, (up to twelve months), as agreed in line with my Art on Easy Terms Scheme. In that case, the piece is released on completion of the payment scheme. 

3) I shall then get to work on several pieces that match your description. It will be at least three, maybe more. I do this because I want you to have some choice. I can then feel unencumbered by any sense of having to fulfil expectations in one specific piece. The pieces you don't choose I will market as  my own - which of course they are! 

What You Pay

This is where it gets interesting . . . you might think you would pay more for purchasing a piece from me in this way, but in actuality you pay considerably less than the price tag for that piece on a  gallery wall! (Depending on size, it could be as much as 40% different.) How come, you may ask?  Well, from my business point of view, I don't need to market the work, as you are already interested in it. Secondly, it introduces my to new places of inspiration to paint - where I can get new enthused. Thirdly it gets me out working - rather than stuck in the studio, which is my line of least resistance. And finally, it provides me with a number of other salable pieces to exhibit and sell in due course. So, from all perspectives - it's a win/win all round!

Your Guarantee of Satisfaction

This is most important to understand:

You have given me an idea that I have pursued to the best of my ability. Ok. But you are under no obligation whatsoever to purchase the piece! I really mean that. The last thing I want is cash in my bank (or my hand)  from a client who isn't absolutely delighted to own the piece s/he has bought, but has felt obliged, as it was 'commissioned'. I'd much rather find someone who will be delighted to own it - or maybe use it myself to abstract and create something anew. (This is how some of my best abstract work has evolved - by taking older pieces that didn't quite hit it - and reworking them.)

So, you have up to thirty days after receiving the piece to decide if you can't or don't want to live with it. And that's true even if you've paid for it over a period (up to 12 months), waiting for it to be released. I think you'll agree, joint venturing with me is an exciting risk-free  prospect? So please feel free to throw me your ideas, and we'll see what we can do together.

What The Project Does Not Include

This is also important. In the past I've usually sent images of work in progress to see which piece(s) you are leaning towards. But what can easily happen with creative people is that they start to see in their mind's eye where they would like the piece to go. I would then become an artistic extension of the client's creativity, and how they imagine the piece. I would do my best to satisfy this urge toward completion. The end result is that they might be over the moon - but I want to disown the painting as it no longer feels mine! On the other hand, there can be disappointments, where I have done something different to what they had in mind. 

For these reasons, in future I will not be providing stage images. I will produce a number of pieces that I feel are finished and ready to show. Pieces I am happy to put my name on. (In this way, these projects are not quite commissions in the traditional sense of the word.) And I again emphasise - there is no obligation to go ahead. I will willingly refund your deposit if you aren't absolutely delighted - no worries! Or we just start over again - I'm easy . . . 

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