About Steve Slimm

Personal history moulds us all, for good, 'bad' or indifferent. Who are we to dictate how we are formed? In many ways, we are clay in the hands of the potter of Life. Others have written about my story - my biography. (see Press Interviews). But to my mind, it's far more important to understand what a person has become. Therefore, what I'd really like to share with you here is:


My Personal Manifesto

We are each of us uniquely shaped by Life. And different things become important to us, even define us. This is the beauty of being human. These are the three essential principles that have come out of my experience - that make me who I am:-

1. Personal Integrity: I don't mean just being true to myself - which is of course important. I mean the kind of due diligence it takes to become aware of and integrate all parts of myself - as well as I possible can.
2. Acceptance: The total acceptance of things exactly as they are now. Reality as it is. Zero resistance. Only from this springboard is lasting change possible.
3. Transcendence: I don't mean just coping, (to grin and bear things), I mean to totally rise above a challenging condition or circumstance. For it really not to matter. The Steven Hawkins effect, if you like. (Or ought I say initially his wife's?)

Aside from these principles, I believe in:-

1. Health and well-being: By this I mean intrinsic health – the body's innate autonomic systems, and how they harmonize for our benefit. Outside help is a last resort – but always looking first within. I walk my talk. I've not consulted a G.P. (M.D.) since 1997 when, amongst a host of other problems, I used to be asthmatic.
2. Longevity: We are not 'the bungled and the botched' we imagine ourselves to be. We have choices – including when to die. We just don't realise we're actually choosing.
3. Family: Not only my own tribe, but extending out to a brotherhood of mankind. One world – one heart.
4. Wealth: Not only money, but the fullness of abundant goodness. As a birthright for any and all who are willing to give the matter due diligence.
5. Work Ethic: The pursuit of quality and excellence through initiative, ingenuity and diligence - as opposed to nepotism, prestigious influence or entitlement.

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