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cornish artist steve slimm reveals The Transcendence of the ancient land of cornwall, uk - in glorious oil paint, watercolor, et cetera

The transcendental nature of expressionism

What Gives Certain Places The Feel of Timeless Transcendence?

 If you're familiar with this ancient land of Cornwall, UK., you'll be aware that it is steeped not only in history, but also in pre-history. Neolithic stone circles abound, alongside prehistoric  settlements and burial chambers, etc. There is a feeling of long forgotten culture, real people and their activity. And all this next to far more recent history -that of the world-famous Cornish tin mining phenomenon  - a mere couple hundred years old in its industrialized form.

This Cornish ethos has gone out to influence mining the world over - including diamonds in S. Africa and gold in America. Thus the transcendent quality of the land and its people has become integrated into even the great American nation.

The Heart Of Transcendental Expressionism

There are many conditions over which we have absolutely no control. Life happens all around us, is primordial and cannot be restrained. It takes shape and evolves of it's own accord. We can do our best to cope with it. Or we can learn to transcend it.

One dictionary definition states: When you achieve transcendence, you have gone beyond ordinary limitations. The word is often used to describe a spiritual or religious state, or a condition of moving beyond physical needs and realities. (

Transcendence can happen within any set of conditions, if we are willing to allow it. It's far more about surrender, non-attachment and non-doing than about trying to achieve anything. The arts offer a deep connectivity that definitely has a part to play.

Transcendence goes beyond the world of ideas – into what mystics call 'the unspeakable mystery'. In this realm the artist has nothing to 'say'. But instead humbly listens and responds - a return to childlike innocence. Child-like but by no means naïve. In this way art naturally becomes an expression of transcendence.

Transcendental Expressionism is neither decorative nor conceptual. It is alive with the lightness of being and the sheer joy of spontaneous happenings.

the artist - steve slimm

The name Steve Slimm

has become synonymous with a deep connection to the natural environment, coupled with a profound sense of mystery. From earliest glimmers of passion during the late 70s, he has pursued his vision undauntedly.  Despite severe personal setbacks, his artistry has remained foremost, as has his indomitable quest toward expressing the inexpressible in paint. After four decades dedicated to the pursuit of such excellence, his work now breathes with a sublime sense of transcendence. This website is dedicated to connecting him with art-lovers who wish to go beyond all concepts and enter that 'unspeakable mystery' with him. 

In good company

Art collectors and fans have often likened Steve's work to the atmospheric paintings of the 19th century British master of transcendental art: JMW Turner. They do both seem to breathe the same essence.

Each painting

is imbued with the deep mystery of an ancient Celtic land that has long inspired so many artists - the rugged moors and coast of Cornwall, UK

Each fleeting transcendent moment

captured forever in an ineffable mix of paint and emotion.

Due Recognition

Since 2009 Steve's work has been studied in UK art foundation courses for its sublime quality of light.

What clients are saying . . .

 Beautiful paintings, you can look at them for ages and see different images.

Frances Heaton

Hi Steve – painting arrived safely and is glorious! Couldn’t have hoped for anything better when we started this commission – it’s been a tremendous experience, the results of which will give us many years of pleasure. If it’s not too late I may have to reconsider your offer of taking a second one!

Steve Ball

I'm now the proud owner of this print! And very exciting, I bought my first original SS oil painting of an estuary from a gallery in St Ives last month. Get so much pleasure looking at it every day.

Mary-jayne Rust

Oh my days, these are absolutely stunning, made me speechless actually :) 

Katie Cockle

There will come a time when I can have some of your work and I hope it's sooner rather than later as these are stunning!

Sarah Luscombe

Reminds me a little of Turner's mystic Images and would love one of these on my wall - very Beautiful.

Wendy Bishop

"Hello and Welcome -

Transcendental expressionist artist Steve Slimm

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The expression of Rough Tor transcends meditation.

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