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Mostly oil on canvas or panel.

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Steve Talks Briefly About His Work

"I've been expressing the feel of this ancient land in paint for more than four decades. There is something extremely special for me about the ancient land and resplendent granite coast. My work has always been far more about expressing the essence of the land, rather than my visual impression of it. In this way, the interpretation becomes more emotional and spiritual, rather than holding to any strict sense of impressionism,"

Cornwall and Beyond

If you're familiar with the ancient land of Cornwall, UK., you'll be aware that it is steeped in history. Neolithic stone circles abound, alongside prehistoric settlements and standing stones, etc. There's a feeling of long forgotten culture, real people and their activity - juxtaposed with more recent history, such as the world-famous Cornish tin mining phenomenon.

Steve has been painting this land for over 40 years. He has also developed strong connections with Dartmoor and the Bristol Avon Gorge, as well as more recently Mid-Wales.

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Paintings Under £500

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