I have been excited by sound since I was two years old. I still remember the drum that mysteriously disappeared. And the trumpet that I later discovered out of reach on a top shelf in the coal-house! However I was not to be deterred - so from the age of fourteen began recording many things. This page makes an attempt to bring together some of the sounds and music I create - either by myself or with others.

Some sounds might be experienced as beautiful  - while others might evoke negativity. All I would ask is that you stay with the sounds - doing your best to be with them without judgement. There need not be resistance - but if there is - just allow it - and see where the sounds take you.

I have come to believe that our minds can put up much resistance that stands in the way of really enjoying things we would not normally enjoy. Some of my sounds might push your boundaries - at least I hope so! I find it amusing to hear callers on radio programs tell the DJ they enjoy all music - from Beyonce to Led Zeppelin, from Status Quo  to Josh Stone. The defining band of enjoyment is so small - yet they believe it to be so broad.

Anyway I hope you might expand your band of enjoyment with some of this music.

Steve 😉