Painting Sessions

[PLEASE NOTE: these sessions are held in abeyance for the time being due to personal circumstance.

Feel free to sign up for future possibilities]


Artists  – do you feel your painting gets a little too tight at times – and you long to loosen up?

If so, then these sessions are designed for you.

 Whether you’ve been painting a short while or for many years, and even if you think have no skills whatsoever you are bound to find inspiration.

The sessions, designed by myself, are essentially about PAINT. They will emphasise how to make paint work for you – rather than you having to work for paint, thus freeing you up to explore the paint itself – as well as the subject under consideration.

These are just a few of the specifics we’ll be (dis)covering:

  • Why do you want freedom?
  • How do you define freedom? What does it mean to you?
  • How freedom in paint will benefit you.
  • Expanding your relationship with materials.
  • How to let go of preciousness (embracing destruction!)
  • Labour vrs Freedom.
  • Ways to start afresh.
  • Breaking ingrained patterns.
  • Establishing style.
  • Revitalising tired work.

But much more than this . . . Painting is only a reflection of life. And the way you might paint is a reflection of the way you live. This is because essentially both aspects are a reflection of you as a person. In these sessions you will get to know that person better – as well as interacting with others and having a fun time.

If you already paint, you’ll need to bring your own equipment, (whatever your chosen medium),  including easel and stool, if you use these. There will be a few chairs available also. If you haven’t yet painted – then I have everything you need to start.

Location: At my studio. Address:- The Od Factory Workshops, Germoe Cross Roads, Penzance, TR20 9RA. To find how to get there see this link: Steve Slimm Studio on Google Maps. It’s basically on the main road from Penzance to Helston, just past Germoe/Praa Sands cross roads, and turn right at the second property on the right (yellow sign: La Connings).

Whole day sessions – exact days/dates and times to be arranged. Obviously this is for people generally living within daily travel distance.

Cost: Generally around £180-200 per day, depending on various factors.

Weekend sessions – times to be arranged.

Cost: Approx £350 per weekend per person.

Local B&Bs available on request.

Contact: If you have any questions email me at To keep yourself informed you’ll  need to sign onto the mailing list below.

I look forward to some inspiring sessions with you. Expect some surprises, some changes – and lots of fun!

Steve 😉

ps. I am still offering individual sessions. Read about them in the link below. I can also offer you some preferential rates by arrangement.

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