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Do Nothing - An Existential Poem

Do Nothing

I do nothing other than weep;
Even then it's not me weeping -
But the howling of the godless night:

Take me, take me!
I know nothing other than this:
The dying embers of forgotten hearths.

How many aeons spread their wings,
As if to shelter me from harm?
In truth, there's nothing that can't be undone!

When I arise I also do naught
But that which arises within me -
It's never me that decides to cohere.

But always something, always Something
Moving me ever forward, onward -
Nothing but the fires of Home.

- - - - - - -

And I do nothing other than weep
For those abandoned at the edge of beyond -
Thinking there's something they still haven't done.

Steve Slimm

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