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Everyone's Speaking - Now Me: Self-Affirmation Through The Spoken Word

The Harmony of Chaos
Everyone’s Speaking – Now Me
Frogs are speaking; during
the spring especially they
chatter in my pond. I think
they’re talking to me; I don’t
know if that’s true. Whatever
my government is saying, this
I can understand – the reasons
they present to comply, not
for my own preservation, but
for the sake of the whole. Whatever
resistance is rising, it makes
more sense of the topsy-turvy-
ness, finding a place in my
will to live, to be
the person I am, whatever
the consequences. Of course
I will respect the fearful
soul, as well as the bold,
and especially the vulnerable
inmates of isolation. Whatever
I do for myself, I shall
underwrite for the sake of all,
knowing the love I am
could never invite the harm
that fear imagines. Amen.
Steve Slimm
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