Setting Out  - a Poem for New Ventures

Setting Out - a Poem for New Ventures

(for ‘the son of my right hand’)
When the heart is on fire,
The time is right;
Let it lead your feet
Out into the world.
Do not place your trust
In anything but
This magnificent stargate
Into the realms of eternity.
Choose the colour of your mask,
But never hide behind it;
Allow its translucence
To reveal purity of heart.
At no time give way
To abject corruption;
Allow it to come looking,
But never to discover you.
Do not underestimate
The weight of your pebble,
As its steadfast wave
Ripples toward the unknown.
A new age is dawning,
And the updraft
Of transcendent Law
Blows politics toward wisdom.
‘Son of the right hand’
The time has arrived
To take your resplendent heart
Out toward the blue horizon.
Steve Slimm
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