Why I'm Creating The 2020 Vision Blog

Why I'm Creating The 2020 Vision Blog

A Lucid Moment

I've never seen myself as political, let alone an activist, but as an ex-Jehovah's Witness I realise now I was part of a group that through its totally neutral political stand, it was often powerfully political. This became apparent during the time of Nazi fascism, and other dictatorial, draconian and military junta regimes in world history. Had I been living in any of those places during the last century, I would have been persecuted and maybe put to death for my faith. I was always proud to be identified as a Jehovah's Witness, and only left because I saw that we held only a small piece of a large jigsaw puzzle. I wasn't sure at the time what the piece was about, but have been keen to continue discovering the truth of that for the past two decades or so.

Having chosen to leave the 'safety' of my religious cradle in 1996, I have since walked my own spiritual path. However, it seems (surprisingly to me) I am still proud to carry the banner of my unique personal heritage. This now translates perfectly into: The 'God-given' right of every human being on earth to choose for themselves. This banner naturally forms a significant part of my 2020 Vision blog. I hope, through your engagement, you are stimulated to continue seeking your own unique gifts as the walking miracle of life you are.



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