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Semi-Abstract Landscape Expressionist Artist Steve Slimm Opens Online Merchandise Shop

Enthused, tempted and intimidated, cajoled, exhorted and threatened over a period of several years, I have finally succumbed to the idea of an online shop to sell stuff other than original artwork. I really don't understand the logic in not doing this years ago. In fact, I'm certain there is none. Maybe it's more a case of personal psychological blockages to success? Anyway - at last here is my shop folks!

It's late September 2014, and the sun is still warm here in Cornwall. My studio has not yet needed heat. Even when the small group of artists arrive tomorrow for the monthly 'Find your Freedom in Paint' session with me, I'm sure we'll still be warm. We've had a great Summer here in Cornwall. I've allowed myself to be somewhat lazy - but still got plenty done. And people have been buying my paintings! This is the 35th year I've been in business - and, as they say -  I don't do too bad these days . . . all things considered!

So - please enjoy the shop. We've tried to make it interesting, enthralling, satisfying, inspiring - and affordable. If you need to know anything that's not shown, please don't hesitate to email us.


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