Brexit Blues - Still Stuck in the Loop? Time to Buy Art?

Brexit Blues - Still Stuck in the Loop? Time to Buy Art?

When sensitive political/economical issues (such as Brexit) are in the balance, it's very easy to get caught up in the frenzy of information, confusion, misinformation, conflict and mud-slinging. The temptation is to jump in, take sides, get heated, (and get the blues) - and eventually lose sight of the things we value most in life. "This too will pass" is a great mindset to adopt - yet at times proves to be most difficult. I recently conducted a survey of what people valued in art, and the consensus was very interesting: art is here to remind us of what really matters. It's not about art itself - but rather the feelings invoked. That transcendent connectedness to something way beyond petty politics helps us get things in perspective. Here are some quotes of what people said:


"The quality of colour and light create feelings in me which relax my mind and take me into a lovely world which is the natural world, which to me is healing and quite wonderful. It goes beyond words and looks into our souls."

- Renata


"can't solve anyone else's problems, but immersing yourself in them will give you the space to reflect and gain perspective... similar to music."

- Patrick


". . . problems surround us most of the time one way or another. Its just a question of how serious they are. It so helps to have distraction from them and also to think of other things that bring pleasure. Art has a way of opening our thoughts to loveliness - the sea, sky, light, colour, weather . . anything that helps lead our head to think of moments that lift our heart."

- Marie


"All of the arts engage our minds, imagination and senses. They help us to either lose ourselves or focus, whichever we happen to need. They take us on a quite a journey which cannot be quantified in any tangible sense."

- Bethanie


"The greatest value of art is in enlarging our own perceptions of the world around us and encouraging us to reflect on it more creatively. The journey is initially inward but then results in actions that enhance society."

- Crispin


"We live in a materialistic culture; rational scientific attitude teaches there is nothing beyond the material. Your paintings, (and many others in this style) can help remind the viewer of the mystical dimension of life. I feel relief when I look at your paintings, someone who’s able to convey spirit in all of life, something beyond the material. "

- Mary-Jayne


"It makes you feel something. In a world that discourages feeling anything other than fear or hate. Images that help us escape the mind prison have to be worth more than artists are ever credited with. Or at least the affordable unknowns. I want art that either helps me escape or expresses something I’m struggling to express. That moment when art says: 'Me too, you aren’t alone' is a tender moment."

- Jackie


It seems apparent from those reflective comments that, in the greater scheme of things, any uncertainty over political issues needn't throw us off balance. Art is always here to remind us of those core values we all hold. Over the years my own work has become increasingly involved in that intangible connection to something greater than all of us - something ineffable. (Meaning: too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.) It might not be fully describable, but the process goes something like this:

A visual connection with the painting > connects us to a sense of place/space > connects us to a feeling of 'being there' > connects us to a deeper sense of being present > connects us to a sense of wholeness > connects us all together > strengthens our sense of oneness and feeling secure in ourselves.   

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