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Contemporary Cornish Artist Steve Slimm Comes Out

Contemporary Cornish artist Steve Slimm has been exhibiting and selling his art for almost forty years now. Right from the early days in 1979, his work has evoked a strong connection with the land coupled with a sense of mystery. Apparently he now claims to be 'coming out' - how so?

Steve tells us: I've faffed around for several years trying to hide the fact that I sell work online, in case I upset potential new (and prestigious) galleries. This has to stop now - as I'm already very successful at what I do, and any gallery owner with a problem can leave me out of it! All the galleries I currently use in Cornwall and elsewhere are aware of my online operation. I enjoy a great relationship with all the galleries exhibiting my work, and spend a considerable percentage of my advertising budget sending clients directly to galleries. There's no need for me to feel ashamed of doing my own sales as well. Many collectors prefer to deal with galleries, and some come to me direct. They all get some great deals, and I appreciate all of them the same.

For any serious contemporary Cornish artist, this must pose somewhat of a dilemma - as some galleries are known to be precious about the matter. Steve's website Landscape Expressionism is his answer - and he's sticking to it! In this site he brings together his main art website, another website he had built especially to send potential galleries to, and a third site selling only prints. The new Landscape-Expressionism is planned to host not only current work, but also a large proportion of his back catalogue, dating back over three decades. 

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