How to Have a Healthy Heart

How to Have a Healthy Heart

To have a healthy heart seems priority these days in view of the prevalence of heart disease. Much emphasis is placed on exercise and diet, and to some extent lifestyle. I’m sure such factors play an important part in maintaining heart health, but I want to talk here about something else – something that is rarely talked about regarding the heart, and how to keep it in the good health.
Unfortunately we live in a world that currently places emphasis only on things that are quantifiable – in other words that can show results. For example, if we were to propose that eating fresh green vegetables every day was good for the health of our heart, then it would be quite simple to set up a scientific research project and to verify results – to come up with scientific conclusions. It could then be said  that eating fresh green vegetables every day has been proved to improve your health, including the health condition of your heart, say, by at least 20%. Of course, once something has been proved scientifically, then it is beyond reasonable doubt – and who would you or I be to contradict the god of science?


It’s not that I think their findings are false – it’s just that a whole radically different approach to maintaining the health of our heart can be overlooked, due to the impossibility of quantifying the evidence. Without such evidence, then all we are left with is faith – and then the big question is – whom do I trust?


So what I’m about to tell you I will ask you not to trust. It’s better that way – and I also don’t wish to bear any responsibility for your heart, and whether it remains in good health or not. I’m responsible for the health of my heart alone – as you are for yours. But what I will ask is that you open not only your eyes and ears, but also your heart to what I’m about to say – and then decide for your self your own best course of action.


Health-giving greens are all well and good, and so is exercise etc, but there exists an even more important set of factors that lurk somewhere in the shadows of consciousness; that if only we could reach out and touch them, we could heal our hearts and lives far more radically and significantly than any healing we are currently achieving. Here in this realm, the realm of energy and vibration, the quantum world of spiritual forces – here is where we can truly learn to master our lives – including the blessing of a heart that is vibrant with health.


But this can also be a scary world – a world of random results and haphazard experience, a world in which the harder we try to get a result, the more we seem to fail; a world that seems to promise everything, but delivers impish little idiosyncrasies that almost seem designed put us off the scent of success. Surely it must be madness to entertain this world as one that might hold the answer to our health, to the health of our heart – let alone to trust it?


And yet, even as you read, you know you are being drawn there. This world is just a slight glance away, as if lurking somewhere over your left shoulder, just beyond your vision – that same place you might hazily recall when awakening from a dream. It will continue to hold your side-glance attention until you’re ready to take notice – ready to lay aside your ironclad belief in scientific fact and provable data – and enter a world where you are unsure, where you are acutely aware of your vulnerability as a human being, of your fears of dying – and your absolute abhorrence at the thought of annihilation. This, surely, is the real reason you cling to the science of fresh greens and exercise – and why all you can be sure of is the probability of a 20% improvement in the health of your heart.


In our scientific 21st century bid to secure certainty, we are shortchanging ourselves by at least 80% of life – including the health of our heart!


In a world that appears as solid matter, when we think something is the matter,

all that matters to us is a solidly guaranteed result.


And yet time and time again it is proved to us beyond reasonable doubt – by one premature death after another, acquaintance after acquaintance, friend after friend, family member after family member, that in this life there are no guarantees – absolutely no fuckin guarantees! Science is great for physical matter – but we all know really – deep down – that life is primarily spirit, and something that cannot be pinned down with quantification and goal-oriented results.


So I will speak to you of the breath of life, and you will know what I’m talking about. You will know that this breath comes in and goes out of your body discreetly and unheeded, and has done for as long you can remember. Even if you suffer with your breathing, you still know the truth of this. You understand that many around you are taking their last breath, and this reminds you of the fact that one day your last breath will also be an event, just like theirs has been. You believe these beloved fellow suffering humans have been claimed by cancer, claimed by heart disease, claimed by AIDS or swine flu, or whatever is the flavour of the month in health-eroding enemies that continue to claim lives. Yet I say to you this:


NOTHING claims that which has already been Spoken for . . .


Think about it. If you fear for your health, fear for your life – that it will be claimed by some named or nameless disease or other – then stop! Stake your claim now! Please consider carefully – one at a time:


  • Do you love life?
  • Do you love it enough to claim it for yourself?
  • Do you really appreciate your life – and how much you have in this life?
  • Do you appreciate how many people love you, and in how many ways?
  • Can you see through the deceptive veil of appearances – when you think about your mother, father, your husband, wife, partner, and children – and see through all the exterior garbage to the love that is here for you – here for you now in this present moment in which you live and breathe?
  • Can you let go of what they have done to hurt you – knowing in your heart that any hurt you felt was either unintended, or was driven by their own sense of hurt or smallness?
  • Can you  forgive them?
  • Are you willing to forgive them – to really forgive them?
  • Can you do this NOW?
  • Will you?


If you’re still here reading then I suggest you will likely have affected the health of your heart by at least 22% – but then I like to jest! As I say – don’t trust me – only trust yourself! But might I further suggest that you pay no more attention to any perceived lack of health in your heart? But rather to pay attention to the Heart you can bring to this life of yours, to the Heart you decide to bring to this Life of Ours on this beautiful earth – as the gentle throb of humanity pulses its inevitable way toward One love – One Heart – a heart vibrant with Health and well-being!

To your Health – and Your Heart!

Steve 🙂

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