Love of Words

Love of Words

Love of Words

To me there is a special magic in words and I love them! If cast on a dessert island I was given only one book – it would be Roget’s Thesaurus. No – I mean it! It would have to be the full unabridged Penguin version though – as this contains not only the words and their synonyms, but also  the whole systematization of language, and how it fits together, which for me contains the magic. I think I inherit this quirk directly from my parents, who obviously share my love of words and keep this same book on the little table beside the toilet!

Words are not the magic – but through the sound and the idea behind the word comes the feeling – and the feeling is the magic. It’s as though we are connected through the energy that exists behind the words. The connection exists without a single word – but as soon as there are words, that connection is manifested through the feeling.

Communication is one of the most powerful energies known to man. We can either use it beneficially, or destructively. Admittedly, even destruction can also be useful at times. But mostly it’s constructivity that’s needed. We get enough crap thrown at us in life – and have to deal with it. The words of others can either add to this – or help us to handle it. For myself – I think I made the decision long ago that, as far as possible, I would use words both meaningfully and contructively. To carry this out though can seems a lifetime’s mission – especially when dealing with others who might understand words differently to oneself. (Generally speaking – no-one would necessarily understand any word to mean exactly the same as another.)

Under the ‘Words’ tab on the main menu above, I am building a library of some of the things I write.  There will also be books and other writings. I hope you relate to at least some of what I write.  And if so – I hope your life is in some small way enriched by the interchange.

While on the subject of words, in the context of my parents, I’d love to share with you the poetry of my mother Fay Slimm.

Follow this link to read her words: >> My Poetic Side


Steve 😉

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