Expressionist Landscape Artist

Expressionist Landscape Artist

Expressionist Landscape Artist Steve Slimm

I suppose people think of me as a landscape artist, with my paintings for sale in various galleries around Cornwall, and other places in the UK. But really I’m more interested in using landscape as a means of expressing something – in other words, abstracting the landscape. So more and more I’m thinking of myself as  a landscape expressionist painter – using the land as a vehicle for expressing something that goes far beyond depicting form.  Aside from being an artist, I’m also a musician, poet, writer and coach/mentor. I live near Penzance, in the SW tip of Cornwall, UK.

Although creative in several forms,  painting the land is still, after thirty-five years, my main thing. I originally built this website to connect with people who are interested in open-hearted living - as well as to offer artwork for sale. In a way, the art of  living  is somewhat like creating art out of landscape – as it involves becoming open and vulnerable, both to the land and to life. They each have something to offer. I love the quote from Henry David Thoreau, a nineteenth century writer, who spent two years living solitarily on the edge of Walden lake in Connecticut:

‘To affect the Quality of the day – that is the highest form of Art’ (from ‘Walden’)

Art has been high on my agenda since childhood, and I began to explore it avidly in my early twenties. I’ve been expressing as a  landscape artist  for over three decades. It’s more of a drive than anything – just can’t seem to help myself! But I also love writing and playing music. Here on the wonderful worldwide web is where I bring it all together – paintings, music, writing, video, photography, coaching – everything I do under the one roof. It’s my vulnerability exposed to the world. It’s my message to the world to say – hey, it’s ok to be vulnerable – watch me!

(For more about my work as an expressionist landscape artist, see:  Steve Slimm – Artist.)

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