Fine Art Giclees – a great way to appreciate visual art.

Fine Art Giclees – a great way to appreciate visual art.

Fine Art Giclees – what's their place in art?

How can giclees help us appreciate the beauty of the landscape, etc?


Giclees (or giclee prints) are a great way to bring the beauty of landscape into our homes. By means of the fine art giclee, we have available today a huge variety of visual art-work and photography from all corners of the globe. Never before has there been so much choice. And due to state-of-the-art technology, this seems set to continue. In the world of art images, giclees are now found virtually everywhere. (I’m assuming you’ve heard of the word giclee – if not, then please read ‘giclee definition’ first.)

The giclee has been around for at least 150 years, but it’s only since the advent of computers and digital printing that this kind of art print has really come into its own. By means of such technology, we have available the facility to produce a single fine art print of superb quality at the touch of a button.

Not so long ago, every landscape artist had to have his work reproduced on a litho press as a limited addition print. To be in any way economical, print runs needed to be at least 500 to 1000 copies.

For artists this was limiting for several reasons: –

  • if they only sold a few, they were left with piles of unsold prints!
  • they had to choose their images carefully in order for this not to happen.
  • the images they chose were generally their most commercially viable, so as not to lose money.
  • therefore they would print relatively few pieces, in the hope of making a profit.

Now however, artists are able to:-

  • share their work liberally in the form of the giclee.
  • print a single copy at a time, as required.
  • free themselves from the storage problems they used to have with lithograph prints.
  • make available work that would not have previously been  commercially viable, without risk of losing money.
  • make availabe work for the more discerning art collector.

Regarding my own giclees:

Having sold original paintings for well over thirty years, I have been producing  giclees on and off for about a decade now. However, being the right-brain oriented artist I am – it's taken me quite a while to get it together in any organised way. But now – thanks to a little help from my friends – it’s happening! We now have giclees of my paintings made in  association with Monkeypuzzle Repro Art in Porthtowan, Cornwall. They have all the state-of-the-art equipment you need, so effectively this is fine art giclee printing as good as you can get.

Please follow this link to see the giclees I have to offer: Buy Steve Slimm Art Prints

Thanks for looking,

Steve 😉


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