Affordable Collections

Welcome to our new Affordable Collections, designed to make the beauty and inspiration of original art more accessible.

Each piece in these collections is an original work by Steve Slimm, capturing the spontaneity and raw energy of the creative process. However, the pieces do not necessarily fit into the main body of his work, thus are offered at considerable less expense.

These pieces are sold UNFRAMED unless stated otherwise. If you'd like us to frame them, we can arrange that at cost price. 

"Insightful Beginnings and Moments of Inspiration" offers a glimpse into the foundational moments of artistic creation and provides a unique insight into the artist’s journey, capturing fleeting ideas and inspirations that spark the artist's imagination. This collection includes quick studies and small paintings, reflecting the artist's instantaneous creative thought. They are in no way 'finished', but are complete and perfect in their sense of immediacy. These colour studies are affordable, allowing new collectors to experience and own a part of the artist's journey. They are perfect for collectors who appreciate the depth and narrative behind the creation of art.

"Monochrome Sketches" includes drawings and sketches straight from the artist's studio, or perhaps executed on location outdoors or in another artist's space. The sketches offer an intimate look at the early stages of creation, or just pure creativity in black and white. Affordable yet original, these pieces are a testament to the artist's evolving narrative and maturation of artistic expression. 

"Creative Impressions" highlights smaller works that explore specific themes, techniques, or emotions. Each piece in this collection is designed to be accessible to a broader audience while retaining the depth and quality of the artist’s vision. Included here are mono-prints, which playfully use colourful impressions taken off painted glass.