Why is Art Important to You?

why art is important to you

How Important is Art to You for your home or office space? Why is our choice in artwork as important as our colour scheme, curtains or floor covering? Is it possibly even more important? Isn't art rather like a window - but instead of looking out we're somehow looking in?   

Like mirrors on the wall, 
The art we collect 
Reflects who we are.
Hi, this is Steve Slimm - painting visionary atmospheric Cornish landscapes for the past forty years
. . .


Art definitely influences a space in both obvious and subliminal unconscious ways. Just think about you local pub or cafe for a moment. Isn't the character of the place somehow defined by its decor - including the pictures on the walls? Have you ever wondered why certain art is chosen? Often the message a pub will want to convey concerns its tradition, the history and longevity of its establishment. This makes us feel safe and well-grounded there. Such decisions regarding the kind of art chosen are not necessarily made in full awareness - but often they are.  


For example, JD Wetherspoon, in their hundreds of establishments throughout the UK, not only choose an historic building in the town, but also go out of their way to pepper the walls with old photos of the place during its heyday - when it was a well-respected ongoing concern. Whatever your opinion of their ethos or food (of course the ale is unquestionable!), I think you'll agree, they hit the bulls-eye of success in providing establishments that draw people in, making them feel secure and at home. In effect, they make each new establishment an overnight tradition,
due in part to the art on the walls!


So what about our home or office? How important to choose carefully the art we hang?


In my experience Art tends to fall into one of two categories:
  1. Decorative, fanciful, fashionable . . . or 
  2. Substantial, connective, consciously chosen.
The first category is primarily superficial and requires regularly updating. Whilst the second has something more meaningful to say and is timeless. It's the type of artwork that contains depth, intimacy or passion about its subject matter. It's the kind of art you'll want to keep around you, because it has something fresh and new to tell you every time you look at it. The reason for this is quite simple - art is somehow a reflection of ourselves. And when you are willing, you can always look at something new and exciting in your life! 


So, if you're planning an upgrade to your home or office, and thinking about art and why art is important to you - then hopefully I will have given you a few things to consider.



why art is important to you